Field of Voices, A site specific collaborative documentary

Having successfully witnessed the Field of voices project in the virtual world Augmented reality promised to facilitate a new version outside the virtual world but not yet completely here.

After hours of coding and testing the promise has yet to be filled but the quest continues. We are looking forward to the Field of Voices propagating throughout the world and becoming a self supporting virtual artwork. Our hope is that by creating the space and the facility for it to be filled we can monitor each unique instance as it develops in public spaces throughout the world.

A local telephone call, placed automatically, will greet the visitor requesting them to leave a message which will be embedded in the field. Each instance of participation will shape the next, making the Field of Voices an organic growing artwork.

By not guiding or soliciting the contributions we hope to effectively remove the artists hand from the work and solicit a location unique version of the Field in various locations around the world.


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