Is Newark Watching?

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Chaos reigns at Push as artists wonder if Newark is really watching.
  • 1024x1024x256 Dancoyote Antonelli
  • KOONSBALL! Rod Mandel
  • LLifted LLader Misprint Thursday
  • Brush Fire In Snow Corcosman Voom
  • Regeneration — by Kicca Igaly
  • ICE COLD BLUE shellina Winkler
  • Great Dodecahedron (large) – Flexi-hedra nand Nerd
  • The Giant Deep Red Loop A Tribute To Zoe Keating by nessuno myoo

The Giant Deep Red Loop – A Tribute To Zoe Keating A tribute to Canadian musician Zoe Keating.

It ‘was a real shock. His way of expression through the use of the instrument is extraordinary. A mix of technology and live performance to serve the melody and harmony that arise by magic from his hands. This sculpture is an homage to her. His figure, his music, his art.

Hephaestus Platonicator

is a social sculpture by San Francisco artist DC Spensley who is also known as Dancoyote Antonelli in the virtual world of Second Life. Clicking the gold obelisk either deletes existing tetrahedrons or rezzes one above the obelisk. Click any face of the resulting tetrahedron and it will rezz another tetrahedron adjacent to that face. Like all Dancoyote social sculpture the Hephaestus Platonicator can be used individuallly or by a group, cooperatively or competitively. Enjoy!

Hephaestus: Platonic solid:

Special thanks to Nand Nerd who was engineer on the project.

Thanks for visiting Newark is Watching, formlerly Brooklyn is Watching! -DC

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