Preserving Virtual Art

Does virtual art need to be preserved in a format other than its native format?
Will the programs surrounding it change to a degree that it will not be supported by anything like its original program?

Making a 3d model precludes scripting as does hologram presentation.
Machinima, done thoroughly, can convey a strong representation.

Native support
Maintaining a server with the original programming or something close to it could give us a space however antiquated to preserve the art in its original form. At this junction it seems to me to be the only real way to preserve it.

Will we have a hologram image which reacts to the human form the way the scripted piece reacts to the avatar? Will we want to bring it out of the computer or will everyone be quiet comfortable going in?

Do we need a first life commerce apart from the first life act of entering the virtual world and rezzing a numbered version of the piece?

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