Problems are only opportunities with thorns on them. ~Hugh Miller

The project was ready to go.  Due to an administrative error it was all returned to inventory days before the event.  It was the first time such a thing had happened to me in SL (like it happens all the time in FL) and I searched for who to blame while projecting a face of calm and resignation befitting my illusory construct called Sowa.  It was an accident.  I told myself it was no big deal but it appears to have been a bigger deal than i thought.  It broke the chain of my SL and i logged on less and less.

It feels like I am coming back now.  I am writing here is evidence.  (Oh I like that sentence) Not much else to say about it but it shows me how little I know about myself and my sensitivities.  As if i didn’t know that already.  I guess it shows me how SL packs an emotional wallop just like  FL.

The Brooklyn is Watching version of Ghost Story in the last post never got noticed as far as I could see.  (Update:  they must be looking cause they noticed it now here.) The Cybertopia version got returned.  The studio version got crushed.  We tried to rez it at the edge of a sim and it dropped 2000 ft and collapsed in to itself. lol  I don’t know how Ban ever found it, she’s a wonder.  So we are rebuilding it and it will be part of Estelle’s Art and Angst exhibit.  It sure qualifies for that angst part.

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