Sowa Mai’s Ghost Story


I got a new place to set up Ghost Story at the Brooklyn is Watching sim.

These guys are lurking in Second Life behind a giant TV in the basement of Jack the Pelican. Nice folks they follow you around with a wee eye thingy and talk about you on their blog.  Oh did I mention they give us a place to build stuff? cool

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now I gotta figure out how to get bubbles and shoot it again,  Maybe a wee bit smoother too.

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  1. jayvanburen

    i’ve been thinking about this- i like it more and more over time. The way you documented it was really great too– i wish more artists would make videos of their installations at BIW- its the best possible form of documentation. If I had the money, i’d hire people to video-document everything that shows up on the BIW sim but… alas.. i don’t- we’re applying for grants, maybe we’ll get something. My new collaborators, Beth, Steve, and Norene are far better writers than I am so I think we’ve got a shot.

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