Botgirl’s Identity Circus

Wonderful exhibit introducing me to the work of Botgirl and her amazingly thorough blog.

On entering we are asked to risk the intrusion of a random avatar within which we will view the exhibit.  I tried till I got one i was comfortable in.  I settled for a Ruth avatar.  The common denominater of our individualism.  The grey skin with no clothes suited me perfectly and was far less uncomfortable than the first scholarly gentleman avatar or the cool rocker guy.

Botgirl is using the medum of SL to explore issues of identity she has been exploring in her comics and on her blog.  Its all tied in together a big messy shplat! of human emotion and academic mentation.

Comics are cool.  Random avatar was eyeopening.  I didnt get to kiss the bot but i bet it would be uncomfortable but not as uncomfortable as a stranger would have been.  Before you tell me how your anonymous sexual exchanges in SL belay that area of uncomfortability try going to the exhibit and getting uncomfortable with someone who is just as uncomfortable its really uncomfortable.

I am tracking the comics I wanna know more.  Thanks botgirl

the following from her blog:

Here’s the good news. With the right tools and support, the powerful emotions and thoughts unleashed through virtual experience can be used to awaken us. The emotional hurricane Sue experienced uncovered the exact fictitious thoughts that had blocked her experience of love and intimacy since childhood. When we return to Jana and Jolene, they’ll demonstrate a practice that can dissolve the power of troubling thoughts by exposing them to the light of conscious inquiry.

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