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Aequitas is Latin for equality, symmetry and fairness between individuals. By working under the singular identity as Aequitas, the intention is to direct focus on the art rather than the individual; to remain outside the cult of personality, to explore alternatives to the more culturally accepted individual creative force. The artists of Aequitas believe collaboration does not require leadership and can bring better results through decentralization and egalitarianism. It is a working practice that art collaboration should be playful and not taken too seriously. Collaborating in separate physical space Aequitas has explored themes such as alienation, childhood, perceptions of identity, spirituality, and consumerism with most of the work being first presented in the virtual world. With the focus of the work being the process Aequitas amasses a large quantity of research and iterations before arriving at a final piece. This documentation is as much a part of the art as any momentary instance of development. The results have veered between the abstract and illustrative. The key threads are a strong aesthetic with a core spiritual disposition that focuses on non dualism and ideas of equity and balance. There is a sense of the nostalgic and ironic to the more representational work and the abstract leans toward iconic minimalist.

Empathy – tools for tolerance

10 myths about immigration Responding to everyday bigotry

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Can you see plato with the iphone?

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The Philosophers Stone, Plato’s Cave An LEA exhibition Platos cave allegory involved figures chained inside a cave unable to view the world. Percieving shadows cast on the walls of the cave from people moving past the mouth of the cave they accepted and defended their perception. In Aequitas Plato build the lone figure sits comfortably […]

The Path

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The Path A narrative art installation The choices we make have consequence and those consequences are not always apparent or true. In selecting works for this exhibition the story began to tell itself. Rather than limit the visitors experience by relating our perception we would like to offer an opportunity to discover your own. Too […]


SingleFrame Story Challenge

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  • Nettrice Gaskins

    Your Voice As Art! inspired my foundation-level Visual Language class at Massachusetts College of Art and Design.  My students recorded their voices for submission to Sowa Mai.  While I demonstrated how the project worked, Sowa paid us an impromptu in-world visit and provided a brief history of the project as networked collaboration.  When you visit Your Voice As Art! as part of the Through the Virtual Looking Glass exhibition, you can hear the students’ voices among several others from all over the world.

    Call + Response: Collaborative Art in Virtual 3D Worlds Art21 magazine

    - Nettrice Gaskins
  • Thirza Ember

    Field of Voices  – Caerleon I wonder if any of us imagined such a dreamworld would be patchworked together from all our mere five seconds… ..wandering through the columns, enjoying the sunlight there are so many thoughtful and charming fragments here, from the exotically obscure, to the famous tones of Torley. Make sure you visit soon. It will make your spirit smile.

    - Thirza Ember